Here at Team Recovery we believe in the concept of living in the NOW (No Other Way) is essential to living a life in recovery. Similarly, mindfulness is a state of active, open, non-judgmental attention on the present moments. The treatment programs and   employees are very knowledgeable and use mindfulness in the care and management of patients with mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders- diseases and symptoms which tend to cluster together. We start fighting the addiction by not getting people sober, but by changing their lives, through true healing which makes our treatment very personable and unique which is why we are the best private outpatient facility in the state!


 With convenient daytime and evening hours, our treatment facility allows for our clients to focus on their recovery needs while tending to their everyday responsibilities. In addition, our facility offers a full range of treatment,life coaching with some of the best in the state and intensive evaluations from a team of expert clinicians. We truly have the only program that customizes and tailors each clients program with what they need!